Gear list for #Stonetop, my work-in-progress.

Gear list for #Stonetop, my work-in-progress.

Gear list for #Stonetop, my work-in-progress. 

The idea is that the PCs are tied closely to a poor village (Stonetop), and undertake adventures mostly on behalf of the community.  The gear list is meant to reflect the steading’s ongoing fortunes in a way that directly affects the PCs in play. The better the steading is doing, the more/better gear the PCs have access to.

Also: an attempt to make a weapons & armor list that better fits my personal sensibilities and sense of “realism”. 

(And in case you’re wondering, the Fighter’s Signature Weapon will get an overhaul to go with this, probably ala Class Warfare’s Bearer.)

7 thoughts on “Gear list for #Stonetop, my work-in-progress.”

  1. I think the fighters signature weapon could still work. Make it a worn family heirloom. Maybe it has only one of it’s usual tags instead of two and could be reforged to add or swap one when the steading increases in wealth

  2. Adam Albright yeah, it’d still be a straight-up weapon. I mean it could be a farm implement, but I’d assume a sword or axe or mace or some other serious weapon.

    Mike Wice you’ll probably love the steading playbook & moves, then.  Watch this space!

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