11 thoughts on “Guys, anyone have a better list of spells for the wizard?”

  1. Too experimental. I’m mainly looking for more illusion spells and enchantment spells, tested and proved. That dominate from 7th level is just so bad. And it’s all you get on that way. No suggestion or something like that.

  2. The Class Warfare supplement breaks down the core spell lists into 11 different spheres for divine casters and 11 different schools for arcane casters, in addition to adding a boatload of fantastic new spells.

  3. I’m counting on it having something, but right now one dollar is worth 2,54 brazilian reais, and I’m a college student, so I’ll have to actually save up for it. And that may take at least a month.

  4. I wouldn’t preclude making/finding/learning new spells during play. At least I certainly hope DMs don’t just limit the spells a wizard gets to those that come from leveling up. A nice additional spell to learn sounds reasonable for potential treasure.

  5. Not a big help, probably, but my Fourth World hack adds a few spells among those reorganized from the book. It contains an Illusionist, so I had a go at build some illusion stuff. (The key to illusions in DW is that, because only players roll, a monster “disbelieving” an illusion tends to be either because of fictional positioning or as a GM move triggered by a failed player roll.)

  6. I am about to release the first of my specialist wizard classes if that sort of thing interests you. The spells are more open ended moves than they are spells though.

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