6 thoughts on “This is my Planewalker class.”

  1. Yes, but it’s a result of their power over time. Do you have a better idea, I’d love to hear it?

    Brandon, do you have a particular part you find overpowered? 

  2. I hope you don’t take it negatively; I love to overall feel of it, and it offers a player an exceptionally interesting part of the narrative to control.  Perhaps Divine Favor?  I think that with all of the ways to manipulate time and space, the full range of Cleric spells on top of that seems to clash with the overall theme.

  3. Then again, I have some pretty severe min/max players, so I am looking at this a seeing the exceptional combinations.  No single aspect is too powerful, but I would hate to see someone abuse some of it, is all.

  4. Thanks! I’ll just have to come up with a new move. That’s fine because I was only using a move that was related (It’s hard to come up with 30 moves). I was going for the concepts of Unbound and Telekinesis: I wanted to have a character that could be very fun for a creative player, but with a few restrictions. 

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