6 thoughts on “My review of Dungeon World.”

  1. One comment Keith – in your review you mention looking at moves as if the players are picking moves off their sheet or the general move sheet. That is not entirely correct, instead you say what you are doing.Sometimes as you do stuff it triggers a move. Most of the moves start with “whenever some one does x”. As it happens the players including the DM are listening to hear if the fiction triggered a move, and then you resolve the move. In all cases something interesting happens.

    To me when I have played with groups DW feels stale and flat when people are just picking moves, but shines when folks describe what they are doing. In my games when a player says I hack and slash (a move) or (spout lore) another move, I say really? No tell me what you are doing, not what move you are making. The moves come out of the character action, not the other way around. For some they may be saying, what’s the difference, but it think it important to mention for others considering the game. I have seen when it is played both ways.

  2. I agree that my writing wasn’t clear on that point.

    Actions don’t require a move be assigned or even rolled.

    And yes, when someone says, “I’m going to use Hack and Slash” I immediately correct them. I say, “No, tell me what you’re doing, I’ll determine whether that calls for a move or not”.

    I appreciate the criticism. It was constructive and made a terrific point.

  3. In- line with the principle of being a fan of the player i dont correct them when they call out the name of the move, i just say fine, great, cool, what are you are doing, how does it look like, describe it etc

    …even if it is a correction, it doesnt sound like one mehehe

  4. I think that if we give the players a handout with the names of moves one can not penalize the for mentioning them. I am very straightforward with them and tell them “your handout is to remember you what to roll when I call you are making a move but your job is to narrate the story of yourself (the pc of course)”

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