Hello! I am currently looking for a DM to replace myself. We are playing currently on Sundays at 11 AM CENTRAL TIME.  Every Sunday. My reasoning is that I wanted to give DMing a shot and had a good time. But I enjoyed the feeling of experiencing the adventure more as a player. So it is time to go back. I was hoping to become a player in this specific game. 

If you want to continue the game from where we were that is possible. Or if you just wanted to start a brand new story, I can talk with the players.  

I would prefer a DM that has played Dungeon World already. I have made it a precedent that we do not waste a lot of time looking for the rules for answers. Playing fast and coming up with things quickly is great.

EDIT: Forgot to mention I currently have 3 players. And If I were to join the player pool that would put it at 4.

EDIT2: We play over Skype and Roll20!

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  1. If either of you two are still interested I shot you both messages (at least I think I did, not good with this google stuff). If you can please add me on skype it is: ‘key-keepr’

  2. Haven’t gotten any message in particular, I don’t think theres a way to get Google+ to do that, if Scott isn’t able to I can probably fill in still. Shoot an email predeterminedsky at gmail dot com

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