So, the Monster is looking for you guys and you try to hide. Everyone roll +dex

So, you youre trying to clim up, everyone +dex…

You know those situations, the whole group is defying danger or discern realetys, everyone rolls, and you may get a hard to handle mixed bag of results. For me, this sometimes feels awkward to do, so my question is: how do you handle situations like these?

4 thoughts on “Grouprolls!?”

  1. A group is only as quiet as its noisest member. Only one roll, by the character with the worst modifier.

    If discerning realities, choose the best character to roll.

    Basically if your looking to see if anyone failed, choose the worst. If your looking to see if anyone succeeded, choose the best. But that one rolls for everyone.

    For defying danger where some may succeed and others fail (climbing a cliff, dodging a fireball), I think I’d just resolve actions one at a time instead of having everyone roll at once. Tailor each action to the character personally. Some might not require a roll, some may help each other, the leader may fix a rope to help those that follow, the situation could change partway through.

  2. Thinking on this a little more, a group roll is only appropriate if

    (1) the trigger is “we all do X”, and

    (2) the result affects everyone equally, and

    (3) you want to keep the game moving and not bog down in too much detail.

    We all do “X” (1) means doing it as a group, where individual actions are not identifiable or interesting.

    Affecting everyone equally (2) is likely because the main effect is external, such as on an NPC or situation. If the consequences are individual or if they are important to individuals (like damage), then individual resolution is better.

    Pacing (3) is important but it is good to ask: if this is not important enough for individual rolls, why am I rolling at all? If you care enough to roll, individual actions might be appropriate; if you don’t care, maybe just make a fiat decision and move on.

    Bogging down (also 3) is also a consideration. I think a single, clear, strong event is usually preferable (drama wise) to a confused assortment of similar events. It has more impact and keeps things focused.

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