6 thoughts on “Has anyone else thought about converting TORG to DW? (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Torg)”

  1. I have given it passing thoughts Darryl Greensill, but some of the mechanics of Torg are absolutely key to my enjoyment of the game.. The cards, and extra rolls on 10s, 20s, Possibility spent, etc… Strip those and the World Rules for each cosm, and I felt that all I was doing was looking at a setting.

  2. A lot of the things Jason mentioned are issues I run into trying to do TORG conversions — the deck, the rerolls, World Laws, and Possibilities are what makes a TORG experience for me. Not saying they can’t be converted in some way, but it’s more work then I’d want to do.

  3. I’ve seen it come up before in a few places. The problem would be that, when you get down to it, *World games require a very focused design. Your moves and such need to all be pointing at a specific playstyle goal. And while I love Torg’s setting, it’s not exactly what you’d call “focused”.

  4. Some noodling. Dungeon World roll+nothing gives four typical outcomes at the following probability:

    6-  : 41.67%

    7-9  : 41.67%

    10-11: 13.89%

    12+: 2.78

    Say you wanted this sort of Dungeon World move outcome distribution, but using the Torg “d20 reroll and add on 10 and 20” roll. You can get sort of close like this:

    8-: 40.00%

    9-17: 41.75%

    18-31: 15.40%

    32+: 2.85%

    Life gets more tricky when adding the stats. Either 1) you live with the fact that adding +stat to the roll doesn’t have as much effect on this type of roll*, or 2) you have to adjust your stat system to use a scale other than -3 to +3.

    AnyDice noodling is here: http://anydice.com/program/4742

    * This might be fine, if you also add the deck system to do stuff. That way, the stat doesn’t have as much impact on the roll, but the deck can make up for that.

  5. Agreed that it’s a tall order. However as with D&D/PF, most of the crunch of the more complicated system should be able to be handled by DW’s crunchfluff narrative resolution.

    Skills could be compressed down into two moves – “Use a Skill: choose an appropriate attribute and roll: 2-6: GM move; 7-9 GM move + success, or a qualified success; 10+ unqualified success”. and “Tag Skill: choose a particular specialty skill for Use a Skill, eg Computers, Guns, or Magic Knowledge, and take +1 on rolls related to that specialty.”

    Manipulating Reality would become a package of moves only available to Stormers.

    I’m initially liking the idea of XP being Possibilities, which is a TORG rule that has very interesting effects (good and bad!), and tweaking the circumstances under which XP is gained.

    Maybe start with a very few standard moves for a character, and give some for Cosm of Origin (possibly some different moves for races within Cosms, eg technodemon, edeinos, elf) and then some moves for the particular character concept.

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