Hey guys, I’m trying my hand at my first Class Playbook.

Hey guys, I’m trying my hand at my first Class Playbook.

Hey guys, I’m trying my hand at my first Class Playbook. This is the Skald Playbook, which some of you may notice I stole heavily from the new Skald class from the Pathfinder Advanced Class Guide. Although some of it had other inspirations. He’s sort of a barbarian + bard class. I’d love to hear any feedback from you guys.

4 thoughts on “Hey guys, I’m trying my hand at my first Class Playbook.”

  1. It’s tricky introducing a debility with a different healing rate than a standard debility.  More bookkeeping with no where to note it..

    Write out the bonds, obviously.  If this character is not anti-social he ought to have at least four of them.

  2. Sean Fager I think you can note them in the same place you note any debility. They work exactly the same way other than that they disappear faster. That said, I’m not married to any of the individual effects of Raging Song. I’m definitely sticking with Raging Song, but I would be open to switching out any of the effects for better ones.

    I imagine I’ll probably have 5 bonds in order to interact well with Song of the Fallen.

  3. Some questions I have:

    Do you think the alcohol related moves are too out of left field? I picture the Skald as being a bawdier version of the Bard, so I’m okay with a little drunkenness. I realize that may not be for everyone.

    Any different ideas for buffs/debuffs for Raging Song?

    Do I have too many advanced moves that gives completely new abilities vs moves that modify basic or starting moves?

    Are any of the moves unclear? (Like Watchman’s Ale for instance) I had to remove clarifying text from some moves to make them fit on the page.

    Also, the names of the moves are all placeholders to varying degrees. They’re just whatever I came up with off the top of my head (or the name of a move/spell I stole from Pathfinder)

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