This is my first post ever here, so.

This is my first post ever here, so.

This is my first post ever here, so… hi!  I was wondering whether someone could give me some feedback on my Dragon Slayer playbook. It is supposed to capture the feel of the anime Fairy Tail.

The Dragon Slayer:

Basically Dragon Slayers are masters of one (or two) elements that adapt their fighting styles to their elements. Some fight in melee, while others support. The class shares some ground with the Elementalist class, but focuses more on combat than utility.

Playbook Link:

5 thoughts on “This is my first post ever here, so.”

  1. Welcome and good first attempt!

    Few ideas to mull over:

    Lacrima Crystal – Dungeon World doesn’t have “encounters” per se, as DnD does. You may want to think about making it an ability that, once performed, requires a certain amount of rest or Making Camp.

    What is the point of Dragon Slayer Magic? It sounds like an elemental wizard’s ability from the description. Perhaps there should be more about what specifically the class can do with that element, and perhaps what they cannot do with others.

    You do have a WIS and a CON move on the primary moves page. That’s fine, really, though remember that it leaves little room to focus on other attributes, so this will have to be a CON/WIS class – or – simply use one attribute on the primary moves page.

    Motion Sickness – What is a true friend? Did I miss that somewhere else or is that someone in your party? If that’s the case, you will always be with someone from your party, so the problem never really seems to arise. Now that I think about it, what is the benefit of this move? It seems like nothing but a hinderance. You may want a good benefit with the cost of motion sickness. Perhaps the chracter can utilize transport that others cannot.

    Keep at it, looks like a decent draft.

  2. Thanks for the advice! I’l try and figure out some changes. 

    In the Fairy Tail universe a Dragon Slayer is basically a Wizard adept at fighting dragons. Their ability to eat- and immunity to a dragon element makes them adept at besting them. 

    Maybe the Elemental Offense move doesn’t convey the close-quarter fight-style of dragon slayers to the reader? Basically you start with only the ability to coat yourself in an element in order to amplify your combat abilities.

  3. Thanks. 🙂 I updated the playbook and added the source files.

    I made the playbook with LaTeX because I despise Word and the like. With some of the feedback from various groups I’ve updated the Dragon Slayer. It’s offensive abilities should be more clear, and really on less stats.

    The folder below also includes the .tex /.cls sources for anyone that is interested. They may still be a bit buggy though.

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