Hello! First post on here. I have a couple of classes that need I need some feedback on. I’d appreciate some critique!


Corpse Mage: A high-damage caster that is reliant on corpses as its resource. Was made as an alternative to the Grave Knight, as he commands his minions with a few words and then loses control of them.


Abomination: The abomination was designed as another corpse-reliant class that gains power the more things it kills. Though it does little damage per round it is a very tanky front-lines class that gets utility based on what it kills.

Thanks in advance!

3 thoughts on “Hello!”

  1. they look fun! 😀 I’d remove the requires flesh from the corpse explosion, it will make skeletons a worse option (as you cant use your other starting move with them) every summon (because flying bone shards are still going to be a SOB

  2. Consider changing the 10+ on “You Want A Piece Of Me?” to ‘choose either or both’

    As written if the player wants to impart negative effects to their enemies without becoming their prime target then 7-9 is ideal but 10+ is a hit-with-cost.

    Maybe get rid of the cap imposed by the Destruction Intention.  Most racial bonuses don’t carry a negative aspect.  Additionally, it makes a 6-10 move unaccessable.

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