Good Morow All

Good Morow All

Good Morow All

This is my first time posting here as well as taking a crack at a DW Class, though I did extensive work on the Urban Shadows Supplement.

So I am curious to get some feed back on it! This is still Semi-Beta, and some of the moves/ideas were borrowed from the Alchemist created by Tony Kelly and Luke Parsons. So thank you to them for the ideas, and I do plan on modifying the moves further to be my own.

The Warden:

The simple and base idea, was that of Groot and Rocket Racoon from Guardians of the Galaxy. Though with a twist. A fairy/other race, bound with a Treant or Spriggan (Skyrim style) to defend the forest. A Warden.

In short, it is a walking garden and Alchemist Kitchen.

The person connected to His/Her treant, receives the abilities and all that comes with the binding. My desire was to focus on the relationship between these two creatures rather than on one or the other. How the relationship changes their counter part.

So without further ado, the links:

Class/Starting Moves:

Gear/Adv Moves:

18 thoughts on “Good Morow All”

  1. I actually started play testing this the other day, under a friends game.

    This was prior to some major modifications.

    It is, for me, a completely different play style.

    But I honestly had a total blast doing it.

  2. Well this is specifically For Dungeon World. Groot and Rocket Raccoon were simply the inspiration for it.

    So the fae/elf/Orc/what-have-you, would be Rocket.

    And the Treant would be Groot in this class. But the Treant/Spriggan would be considerably more intelligent lol

    It’s a duo, just like them. They are okay alone, but They as a pair are what make them even more exceptional and legend/lore worthy.

    Though now that you bring it up a Guardians of the Galaxy system would be bad ass!

  3. It’s really cool, you can talk to yourself. But it’s more like playing two aspects.

    The first session I tried to blow up a stone door with the acid pouches but it was only a partial success… So the fairy, Mogaesh, had to leave her protector/Spriggan to try and get it open. She crawled under the door (she’s only 2″, and there was a 1″ broken area) to seek new options.

    Once the group had gotten her Spriggan free, there was a nice fight and I got to try out her potions, pouches, and use her abilities in different ways.

    From what I saw, this class is almost limitless but requires some really imaginative and off the wall thinking

  4. It could work for practically Any creature honestly. My base idea was just fairy/elf/orc and other base races.

    But really it could be a squirrel.

    Mogaesh steps into her Spriggans chest like a suit of armor or a mech and controls her that way.

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