Do you see any downside to changing Signature Weapon to say something along the lines of this:

Do you see any downside to changing Signature Weapon to say something along the lines of this:

Do you see any downside to changing Signature Weapon to say something along the lines of this:

Choose whatever weapon and effects you want and give it a cool name. 


18 thoughts on “Do you see any downside to changing Signature Weapon to say something along the lines of this:”

  1. Yeah, I think the lists are absolutely helpful as tools for inspiration and direction, and also to give a bit of a power level gauge.

    I could see adding “make up your own, and get it approved by the GM” as one, but that does make character creation longer.

  2. Black Blade of Disaster

    Looks: a one-dimensional jet black katana

    Effects: monodimensional (ignores armor), +2 damage


    Looks: a huge, black sword covered with strange runes

    Effects: piercing +1, if it deals at least one point of damage it outright kills its target (by draining the soul)

  3. I don’t see a down side. One of my few minor complaints about Dungeon World is the weapon limitations of various playbooks, I have never felt restricted by them, just consider them food for the narrative of the character.

  4. I feel like a big part of DW (and everything, ever) is getting used to it first by following the rules, then just bend it, break it and fix it as you need to.

    If I was going to roll up a Fighter, I might want a halberd or scythe, which aren’t on the list of weapons, but I don’t think anyone’s head would explode if I said that is what my signature weapon was.

    Enhancements are a little different, they’d have to be, if not balanced, at least not too out there. Given the stuff on the list, I’d have to say all new enhancements should fall into the “Glows in the presence of one type of creature, your choice.” type of thing.

    Say perhaps “Legendary, from commoners to kings, all know it and fear its might” or “Intelligent, I can consult it for knowledge regarding _________

  5. The biggest drawbacks I see are:

    – Fear of the blank page (as stated above)

    – Potential for the fighter to (intentionally or otherwise) make themselves and/or their weapon overshadow other players (or step on their niche’s)

    – Potential for the fighter to unintentionally nerf themselves

    I know DW’s not about “balance” in the way D&D3+ often is, but I think lists do a great job of aligning everyone’s expectations.

    I do think the signature weapon list is a little meh, though. Johnstone Metzger wrote up a cool alternate a while back…

  6. Upside:  more room for creativity

    Downside:  easier to clash with other characters style or input

    I’m a fan of synergy and working together, though, so i think it’s cool.

  7. As all the other DW things in the playbook, they are there ’cause the standard DW player should be “insipred” by the text pre-written, and should able to complete his character in a dozen of minutes.

    Of course, after 3 campaigns, you are quite ready to start reskinning something on the fly, no problem if you change the weapon shape or the look of you eyes, ’cause in the list you found nothing cool for you.

    Still, I like the “balanced” options given to built your weapon, so you can’t overshadow your pals.

    The only real things the Fighter is missing are a couple of choices like “Bow” “throwable” “near/far ranges” so you can have a ranged fighter too. (and you aren’t going to step the ranger/Thief niches, ’cause you miss their specialized attack forms)

  8. But a Wizard can ritual and a Druid can turn into a T-Rex. Giving some boosts to Signature Weapon doesn’t brake anything I think. Who would you overshadow? You are the Fighter. No one should be able to fight better then you. 

  9. And both of them has rules to do what they do, and they do it in the game, creating fiction. Wanna a “super fighter”? Ehi, no problem with that, but if you are my player, you don’t start your adventures with that. Sorry, 1st level hero :D. Of course, when you start playing, you could Spout Lore and ask” Where I can get get the Longino’s Spear?”, and I will answer truthfully, being a your fan.

    Also, you can ask the wizard for a super weapon done with the ritual. This way, you have to “pay” the wizard, maybe becoming his Puppet for the rest of your life :D, and indirectly the GM, thru the ritual requirements. Have fun, IN the game.

  10. But if you ask me who my fighter is and i tell you they are Garrek Dragondeath the grandmaster of the RedDragonGuard, the mightiest warrior of the realm; what do you do?

    A level 1 DW character is not a “level 1 character”. Your Druid could be the Soul of the World, reincarnated into a human body. Your cleric might be the only divine caster in the world because she is the daughter of a goddess. That is perfectly legal.  

  11. Sure, your Cleric could be the daughter of a goddess, but this is a simple “tag”. This doesn’t give you other special powers that you don’t have on your playbook. Sooooooorry (of course, YMMV, but this is MY car).

    So, returning to your character, Garrek Dragondeath the grandmaster of the RedDragonGuard, as GM I have a question for you, while creating your character: “Tell me, who stole your precious weapon?”  *Trollface*  This is how D.W. and being a D.W. GM works. I’m filling your next days with adventures, be ready for them 😀

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