I haven’t made use of any of these moves, but I had a spare 15 minutes and wanted to mess around with the idea.

Feel free to take any of these for your game. Here’s one of them:

Witchfinder, Demonslayer

When you kill someone in the presence of their loved ones or peers, roll+CHA. 

On a 10+, choose two. 

On a 7-9, choose one.

– Convince them of the deceased’s guilt, whether true or fabricated.

– They back-down, stand in shock or flee, for now.

– Gain an ally, their long held grudge revealed.

– Rumour spreads to nearby steadings that you slayed a villain most foul.


  1. Shadi Alhusary I’m glad you do Shadi, I dig your DW work too!

    Gary Forbis I’m down for Demigod World. With classes named stuff like The Sun’s Heir, The Moon’s Calf, The Flame’s Spark etc.

    Something to put on the list…

    Rob Deobald Thanks chief.

  2. Overall I really like these ridiculous moves and their epic scope. I think the idea of a Demigod World would be a fun change of pace. Here are a few nit picks I found.

    Diplomatic Immunity: The idea of a move giving three hold and that’s it seems odd. Yes you wrote in that the player could earn more but you didn’t say how. Moves that you can only use X number of times and that’s it seems like a less desirable choice than moves you can use forever. I think this could be a good pick 2/1 move that triggers whenever the player is accused of a crime.

    Beast Mode: Does the player go back to rolling their Last Breath afterwords?

    Bring the Thunder: Why STR? This feels like a WIS or CHA move. Though if this was going to a Thunder God class then I could see this going to STR, just by itself it seems odd.

    Bed of Chaos: F_____G AWESOME!

    STOP: Are the players free to do whatever they want? This seems like an I win button. Granted the lack of modifier can make it less reliable, but a 10+ sounds like an auto win in a fight. It should probably have some sort of restriction like, “Time stays still until someone in your group rolls a move. They gain +1 forward on that move.”

    The Terrifying Arc: Why STR? Feels like a DEX move. Most/All archers are going to be DEX based. Why not cater to them?

    Betwixtomancer: This move has the same problems as Bend Bars, Lift Gates. It offers a few things you can do, but then the GM needs to look at the list to figure out what did go wrong. Instead make it: On a 10+ choose 1, on a 7-9 choose 2

       Your passage takes a while

       The opening you made stays open and others can use it

       Someone who came with got lost on the way

       You attract unwanted attention

    Now the GM knows exactly how to mess with you.

    I am the night: Should have a requirement of doing Bale’s “Batman Voice”.

    Aura of Power: It’s on there twice.

    Just as Planned: What’s the modifier for this?

    This idea of crazy epic moves is great and I think these will be fun to put into my game once my players get to this level. You did an awesome job with these. Thanks for writing them.

  3. Delos Adamski Hello! Thank you for the reply. They’re just rough ideas, so thank you for your input.

    Diplomatic Immunity: It might be less desirable, could even just be a bad move! I figured with the right devious mind getting away with three crimes might be enough.

    Beast Mode: I’ve altered the wording some so it is clearer, after you slay/neutralise whatever thing killed you, you then take your Last Breath.

    Bring the Thunder: I had someone who plays a barbarian in mind for this, so I went the heavy metal route and choose STR. Hack the move for WIS or CHA if need be.

    Bed of Chaos: It is.

    Stop: Is broken. Don’t give anyone Stop. Your version is way better!

    The Terrifying Arc: It’s a STR move for a ranger or fighter that values Strength. The fiction of the move comes first, and gives an archer another option to keep shooting arrows interesting. Its basically the “I want to be the giant archer from that one Game of Thrones episode or Hawkeye Gough from Dark Souls” move.

    Betwixtomancer: Yeah, thats likely a better wording for it.

    I am the Night: Unwritten but mandatory.

    Aura of Power: Fixed.

    Just as Planned: Fixed. It’s INT.

    You’re welcome!

  4. Hello Andrea Parducci! I missed these posts somehow.

    For Shoot First, yeah, thats since been altered, but yes, even in ambushes!

    Feel free to add that if you use the move.

    I won’t be updating these moves, they’re just ideas. Thank you for your time!

  5. I was working at a similar document, about the life after the 10th level. I have ideas but few time these days (also, low writing skills in English…). Surely I’d work with your moves to find my perfect blend.

    I was thinking about different kind of advancements (always in form of moves, so you can get them just one time):

    – a move to get a permanent boost to HPs

    – a move to get a special move linked to your best Ability (ie. If I have 18 Strength, I get epic Strength, letting me try superhuman tests, in form of specialized defying danger)

    – a move get a superhuman feature, something like holy aura, rock-like skin etc.

    – a move to get tons of “equip”, like a castle, or a squad of Knights, or a luxury brothel etc.

    Also, I’d change the end of session questions with something braver, bolder.

    Ps: kudos for all that Dark Souls related stuff 😀

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