Work continues at a snail’s pace on my crashed spaceship adventure.

Work continues at a snail’s pace on my crashed spaceship adventure.

Work continues at a snail’s pace on my crashed spaceship adventure. Because I keep getting sidetracked by other ideas like this.

When you are exposed to glowstone, roll +CON. On a 10+ you’re good. On a 7-9, you gain a mutation from the table below.

Roll 2d6 to see how you’re warped.

2: You get a permanent monster move of the GM’s choosing. TELL: Depends on the move.

3: Natural weapons of some sort; claws, tentacles on your back, whatever. You can deal your weapon damage even when “unarmed”, OR your unarmed attack gets an appropriate weapon tag. TELL: You have claws or tentacles or whatever.

4: Increase one of your stats by 2. This can put you over the stat cap. Then decrease one of your other stats by 2. Your stats can’t go below 3. TELL: Your body has an exaggerated visual of the stat changes (huge muscles, giant throbbing brain, etc.)

5: You get a “monster attack”; the GM will pick it for you, and determine which stat it’s based off of. When you use your monster attack, roll+Stat. On a 10+ the attack works, on a 7-9 it still hits but you open yourself up to a counterattack.  TELL: Depends on the attack.

6: You get a natural armor-2, but attempting to wear anything but loose clothing over it gives you -1 ongoing due to the discomfort. TELL: Scales, chitin, biometal, whatevs. 

7: You gain a move of the GM’s choosing from another class. The only move from the core classes you can’t take is “Spellbook”. Yes, this means you can get a Ranger pet (you spawn a symbiotic creature) or a Signature Weapon (enjoy your new sword hand). TELL: Depends on the move.

8: You gain a permanent Debility. TELL: An exaggerated symptom of the debility.

9: Halve your max HP. TELL: An overall weakened body.




6 thoughts on “Work continues at a snail’s pace on my crashed spaceship adventure.”

  1. Nice, a fun custom move to be sure.

    I think in your final draft you should have the best mutations in the 9, 10, 11, 12 range though. Otherwise people will be all “Yes! A 9! Halve… my… max HP?”

  2. Oh, that’s my bad…you’re supposed to roll a 2d6 to determine what mutation you get after the move is rolled. It’s not based on what you rolled for the move.

  3. Although…now that I’m looking at it I think I like Tony Ferron ‘s idea. I’d have to shuffle the table results around, of course, but I was just writing them down as they came to me anyway.

  4. A monster attack is the “main attack”, the one that deals damage according to the attack you receive. A monster move is just that; it’s like getting a monster move off the Druid’s shapeshift move. Unarmed attacks let you deal your weapon damage without an actual weapon.

    Yeah, there could be some overlap there; I didn’t go through every monster attack/move there.

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