Looking for advice.

Looking for advice.

Looking for advice.  Starting my first roll-playing campaign since 2002 this Friday using the Dungeon-world rule-set.  We’re using the roll20 system.  Other than having the official rule-book and the DW fan guide, any suggestions?  I’ve watched all Itmejp’s shows where they’ve  used the DW rule-set as well as Missclik’s shows.  My main concerns revolve around my character creation and creating a good back story that I’d be comfortable role-playing out.  The only other concern that comes to mind is at what point should I back out of the campaign if our DM starts pushing illicit/social NPC interactions into the campaign. 

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  1. One of the comments for making maps is to leave holes. I would do the same for “back story” so that you can make interesting connections in game, as the game is very fast paced. And as for backing out, if you start to feel uncomfortable at any point, talk to the DM and try to find a solution. If it doesn’t work out, feel free to leave. I cannot emphasize enough, if you aren’t having fun don’t play. A gaming environment should be fun for all.

  2. I second the suggestion to leave a good deal of your backstory undefined before the game starts. Surprising other players with your backstory can be fun, but surprising others AND yourself with your backstory is even better! I That way, when you find out that some other PC became an adventurer because some mysterious assailant wiped out their village, you can turn out to be the mysterious assailant >=D

  3. Mike Mueller The horror stories get spread because they’re so striking. The really awful stuff is pretty rare. It’s good to have a plan if it comes up (I like Anne’s suggestions), but I wouldn’t go in expecting it. Even better news: different RPGs seem to tend to attract different crowds, and I really like your typical Dungeon World player.

  4. Alan De Smet James Mendez Hodes   I appreciate both of your suggestions.  It puts most of my concerns to rest with getting back into the D&D scene.

  5. Bonds with a couple other PCs can really help flesh things out and give you some ground to start to role play in interesting ways, with the added benefit of gaining experience for your character. Like others mentioned, leave some holes. In DW, the story is inside the game. Play to find out! 🙂

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