I just got to share this:

I just got to share this:

I just got to share this:

In today’s game Ville Halonen ‘s druid turned into an elephant and tried to tackle a dwarven stone golem in a dungeon room swarming with spiders. The golem fell on top of him crushing and killing him. And what did he roll for dealing with death? Snake eyes. 


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  1. We were on the edge wether the druid remains in shape of an Elephant or returns to his own shape. This is might be important because the Dungeon belongs to a undead and at least the druid was convinced that if they stayed there they would turn into undead too.

  2. I actually did want to trample the golem. The problem is, I had to run there from a narrow corridor and try to turn into an elephant immediately when I entered the room. My 2d6+fail turned me into the elephant and let the GM make a move. I dealt damage to the golem—three points on a d6 so I didn’t—and the golem dealt damage to me. Ouch.

    Too bad I didn’t take a photo of it to shame the dice.


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