Just a random discussion starter.

Just a random discussion starter.

Just a random discussion starter. What are your three favorite races for playing an RPG, and are they welcome in your DW experience?

1. Gnomes 

2. The Winged Folk from Dragon Magazine #51,

3. Frey from the Oathbound Setting.  

Any race is welcome at our table.

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  1. I’m not completely sure why, but over the course of the last year my regular group has adopted a nearly comical hatred of Gnomes (and to a lesser extent, Goblins).

    Aside from that bit of discrimination, we get all kinds of races at our table, many invented on the spot.

  2. 1. Orks

    2. Lizardmen

    3. Thri-Kreen

    My group has been having a bunch of fun making up Ork racial moves for the various classes. Ork fighters get “Rage”, giving them +1d4 forward to damage against anyone who’s dealt damage to them.

  3. 1. Dwarves.

    2. Insect-people. Not from any setting, just the concept.

    3. Cambions. Half-demons. My favourite fictional characters just happen to be Hellboy, Merlin and Caliban.

    Anything goes. The player just has to build their culture and place in the world as we play to find out.

  4. Gnomes have a bad rep amongst the older role-players I find. I wonder if one could roll the traits of the gnomes into the kobold, goblin or something new and they’d suddenly love them.

  5. Tony Ferron Yeah, I was one of the few older players who liked gnomes as much as I liked dwarves. As gaming time passed, I like them even more then dwarves because of their tinkering and curiosity about technology.

  6. In no particular order:

    Gnomes: usually steampunk/clockwork flavoured.

    Tieflings: Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?

    Shifters: Get your feral on!

    I am not a fan of what I consider “silly” races (gully dwarves, kender, eagle-winged cat-people, pixies) and generally disallow them when GMing.

  7. 1 – Humans (Pretty much universally accepted)

    2 – Sea Elves (A hard sell, but usually works in any high fantasy world)

    3 – Automatons (Either an obvious choice or an impossible sell)

  8. To be honest I’m kind of into them all. I do like human only settings some times though, particularly if its heavy on intrigue, drama and rising/falling in social standing.

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