7 thoughts on “My plan and final post before creating the playbook for my Fate/DW combination game.”

  1. Looking good. The Compel and Gain a Bonus moves appear to be mechanics – first as is, though. I would probably have gone with FAE ‘ s Approaches instead of DW’s stats, at least to test.

  2. Aha, I was just reading through Grim World and was going to ask if you saw its Fate/DW hack.

    Looking good, interested to see what the final playbook looks like.

  3. Tim Jensen : Yes, I keep debating using the FAE approach.

    Chris Bekofske : Yep, love Grimworld and the Fate hack 🙂 I’m hoping in the final version (which i’ll be re-designing from scratch) to effectively just have a single more versatile playbook that can be used for all characters.

    I suppose what i’m really after is a version of DW that I can use in different settings but without having to design a ruck-ton of playbooks from scratch before the game can begin.

  4. Roland P : Very interesting and I am a big fan of the 5E advantage/disadvantage system, I think the DW game already has a similar ‘take the best dice’ option but it’s really only used for dmg in the core system.

    I certainly think that this is an interesting option and could be used to replace the +bonus to dice roll stunts/moves – many thanks for the heads up Roland 🙂

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