Hi everyone!

Hi everyone!

Hi everyone! I would like to ask Sage LaTorra  and Adam Koebel (and every one who has a grater experience with DW than me) if a custom move like this below would deeply change the experience they want to give us with their game or if it is a legitim add-on

Now the custom move and my pourpouse 

my pourpose: to make NPC more real, to give them  deeper motivations and to make worthy exploring relationships with them without changing much the game focus wich is, if I had understood well, adventure and exploration 

the ally move:

at the end of a session if you feel you have made a strong link with a charter you can write a bond with him

at the end of a session if you feel a bond has come to a resolution mark experience

when you search your ally for help with a problem roll + bonds with that ally 

on 10+ they will help you accordingly to their type and possibilities 

on 7-9  they will help you accordingly to their type and possibilities but they will ask you to fulfill their instinct 

ally types:


instinct: to push someone beyond his limits

-lover/ friend

instinct: to guide someone’s choices for their best

-powerfull one

instinct: to spread their power


istinct: to break the law 


istinct: to evangelize unbelivers 

so… what do you think of this custom move I made? 

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  1. As long as you keep it to one new NPC bond per session and then you mark XP when the bond resolves (as written above), but don’t replace the bond once resovled, then you’ll be A-okay (though you might get a couple that resolve at once) – you won’t even dent the system/gameplay.  Where it would get dicey is if you are allowing characters to replace/update bonds with NPCs such that they can get XP for multiple NPC bonds every session – even that probably wouldn’t really hurt the game though, just speed advancement.

  2. I think it’s a totally viable move, though it stretches DW a bit.

    DW is pretty strongly in the action-adventure genre, where people don’t tend to be all that deep. Bonds in particular aren’t meant to really cover complex human relationships, they’re an easy shorthand for the kind of things that tie a group of people together just enough to pull them on adventures together. Using Bonds to try to cover exploring relationships is likely to fall pretty flat.

    I would actually say that making DW about relationships would be a pretty deep hack.

  3. Addendum: I don’t think the moves will break the game but, as Sage LaTorra a points out, it won’t suddenly make the game about social relationships either. 

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