From tonight’s DW game.

From tonight’s DW game.

From tonight’s DW game. Yusuf is a shapechanger (Druid playbook), Gorm is an Island Dwarf, on the mainland seeking mercenary work. He met up with Yusuf, thinking Yusuf was a scrawny little guy, but funny. Yusuf heard the voice of the spirits/djinn telling him to stick with Gorm, something was going to be happening.

They’re investigating the days-old scene of a caravan ambush, trying to figure out who did it (and took the strongbox the Alchemist’s Guild wants). Yusuf is very perceptive, finding the blinds the ambushers used, and the remnants of footprints. Gorm is…imagining how he would have totally defeated the ambushers, jumping from wagon to wagon cleaving skulls, as he daydreams. Yusuf shifts into a dog to gain the animal’s olfactory sharpness, out of sight of Gorm, but his investigations take him in front of the daydreaming barbarian…

“Hey, where did this dog come from? Yusuf!”

The dog stops, turns and looks at Gorm.

“Yusuf…Yusuf, it’s staring at me. I think it’s enchanted, or something.”

Gorm loosens his axe.

Yusuf rolls his eyes, and sighs. “Really, Gorm?”

“Yusuf it knows my name…”

(In Gorm’s defense, Yusuf hadn’t mentioned the whole shapeshifter bit yet…)

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