8 thoughts on “I have a bit of a challenge for you folks.”

  1. The Judge:

    Alignment: Lawful: Judge a criminal

    Race: Human. You are a human judge. When you look for crime, even for a moment and ask “Who here has violated the law?”, the GM will tell you.

    starving moves:

    1. Respect The Law: as the Paladin move, I Am The Law.

    2. Signature weapon: As per the fighter power.

    3. What’s the last move? We need an exploration move – ideas?

  2. The Infernalist

    Starting Moves: Deity and Divine Guidance, Elemental Mastery, Connections (all reskinned as demons stuff).

    The Alchemist

    Starting Moves: Poisoner, Ritual, Lay on Hands.

    The Bene Gesserit

    Starting Moves: Reputation, Through Death’s Eyes, I am the Law.

    The other bits kind of write themselves, though maybe a full suite of advanced moves would be a bit tricky.

  3. The Veteran

    An expert of combat, always seems to have what she needs no matter the situation.

    starting moves: Been there, Done that (maybe a better name would be “battle scars”?)

    (bend bars lift gates but with +CON)

    Peace through superior weaponry (Arsenal from gladiator, applies equally to h&s or volley. Basically druids shapeshift roll and spend hold, but for weapons)

    War Stories

    (Taken from wizard’s know it all)

    (if you spout lore about something you’ve fought in the past…)

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