Hi all

Hi all

Hi all,

I’ve read over the Dungeon World rules and Dungeon World Guide and have a few lingering questions that I would really love some answers or feedback on.  If you know the ropes and have a few minutes to spare, please consider chiming in.

I’ve never GMed before, but am keen to try!  Thanks!

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  1. Rote & Cantrips are spells. Same rules for success, same penalties for failure.

    I had the same questions about AMMO:


    The Ranger’s “Called Shot” is the same as the Thief’s “Backstab”. As per the rules of H&S you can’t H&S a person who can not H&S you back, i.e. a suprised, sleeping, defenseless, tied up, or otherwise incapacitated person.

    ALL characters simply deal their damage in that case, it’s just that the Ranger and the Thief have optional moves instead of simply dealing damage to a defenseless foe, they can opt for the Backstab or Called Shot.

    Hope that answers a few of your questions.

  2. Eric Lochstampfor: No where in the description of Volley does it say that if they don’t know you’re there that you just deal damage.  For H&S, yes, not for Volley.  Called Shot is freaking awesome because of this.

  3. Thanks for all the answers people have contributed so far – it’s pretty amazing that we live in a time where someone in one country can pop a bunch of questions about a niche topic online and people can answer it live…

    Need to head off now, but feel free to add more to the doc there’s anything you want to add 🙂

  4. Jeremy Strandberg

    True it doesn’t say that in the Volley rules but I just considered it an extension of H&S. You don’t have to roll for success if there is no chance of failure. If the Wizard walks up and stabs the helpless prisoner is the same if the ranger sat across the room and shot the prisoner. It’s the helplessness that matters, not the form of attack, IMHO and both the Backstab and Called Shot seem to support that.

  5. Sure, the ranger shoots an arrow into someone’s throat from 10ft away without having to roll.  But the wizard might still miss. 

    The triggers are the two moves are different. H&S happens when you attack a foe in melee. It’s that “in melee” part that means you just stab a dude who’s sleeping.  He’s  not in melee with you.  Volley happens you take aim and fire at an opponent at range. Nothing about him fighting back. Heck, the example in the book involves shooting at a orc priest who’s totally not paying attention (casting a ritual instead).

  6. Question is: Is there an interesting outcome if the wizard would miss? It depends on the fiction – but, if the answer is no, then don’t bother rolling dice. The wizard does it, doesn’t trigger a player move. But, then the player may well look at you say ask “what happens next?” – and that’s the GM’s golden opportunity.

  7. Repeat after me: Rolling a 6- doesnt mean you miss the shot

    There is really no way to use a bow as a weapon to hurt people from a distance that doesn’t trigger Volley. Unless you have the ranger move.

    Maybe magic items can do that (auto aiming arrows…) but when you are shooting with a bow you have to aim at something. Or you are just shooting an arrow at a random direction but then nothing really happens. Shooting at people will always trigger volley. Please prove me wrong.

  8. William Nichols that is also not how a golden opportunity works.

    And not how the game works. Wether things are interesting or not isn’t decided by you, but by the moves. You are shooting. That trigger volley. Therefore interesting things can happen as a result.

  9. Asking if something interesting happens if the wizard misses seems to beg the question. You can bring “Say yes or roll the dice” to DW, but it really isn’t needed. It’s the GM’s job to make their moves interesting, it’s one of the agendas after all, and they have tons of creative power to make that happen whenever it’s needed.

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