12 thoughts on “Some initial ideas about dice rolling, aspects and attributes in my combination Fate/Dungeon World hack”

  1. I can’t claim to have played AW so its unlikely I’ll be using the mechanics from that I’m afraid, I’m currently looking at trying to put together a system combining DW HP with Fate Consequences.

  2. Very Interesting. I am toying with a hack too atm, but am thinking more in the line of handling aspects like attributes (as seen in Pdq) i.e. Giving them modifiers.

    And yeah, hp from Dungeonworld woulnt fit i think, since they are too dnd specific – a more generic harm move like AW has may do the trick, for it has to be flexible/ adaptable enough to handle different levels from gritty to heroic, whatever befits the setting.

  3. I’m planning to have a look at the system used in AW world, although I can’t say I agree with HP being D&D specific since the idea of a pool of health points is used in numerous different RPGs.

  4. Whilst a 1d12 roll changes the probability I think its an exaggeration to say it completely changes the game, but should it prove to be too unbalancing during playtest then i may change it.

  5. Yeah, give it a go. Can’t find it, but saw a really good article discussing the probability curve of 2d6 and how *world games are built around the 7-9 result. That’s why I think a single roll will really change the fundamental nature of the game.

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