8 thoughts on “What are the must buys for dungeon world?”

  1. I’m a big fan of Jacob Randolph’s Mage & Artificer playbooks (sold under the “Dungeon World Alternate Playbooks” bundle).   Alex Norris’s & Andri Erlingsson’s Old School Bundle (Elf, Dwarf, Halfling playbooks) are pretty sweet, too. 


    J. Walton’s Planarch Codex is pretty freaking inspiried, though I’m not sure I’d ever get any of my friends to play it. 

    Not sure that I’d call them must-buys, but I really like how David Guyll’s & Melissa Fisher’s Mummy & Pirate playbooks turned out.  Both do some really interesting things with the form.  _If These Stones Could Scream_ is pretty solid scenario book, too.  It’s the best example of a “write up a bunch of fronts the way the DW book tells you too” adventure that I recall seeing.

    I recently picked up Johnstone Metzger’s various DW adventures and they are also great, though it’s hard to call them “must buys.”  They’re so evocative of place and style and mood to me that I feel like I’d have a hard time dropping them into an ongoing game or even starting on game with them.

  2. Matthew Seagle Its the big battles and warfare style campaign supplement. Drafts are available for the Adventurer’s Guild Kickstarter backers, but the full published document is promising to be marvellous.

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