7 thoughts on “#DemonHunter is a compendium class I wrote.”

  1. Neat idea!

    “Bind a Demon” is a bit confusing. You have a dangling “On a 6-,” that I don’t think you intend to have.

    “Demon Hunter” itself is a bit open-ended. Wide-angle powers like this are something that it’s usually a good idea to avoid. This is something that you can theoretically argue about every time you roll the dice. What about just a straight +1 to spout lore regarding Hell and it’s Denizens. 

    I don’t really like the name of “Experienced Demonhunter”, as it doesn’t say what it does. Right now, with the armor rating, it seems far too situationnally useful to ever get picked up. I like the idea of an immunity to Hellfire, that might be worth taking.

    “Demonfoe” is also a bit weird, as you can theoretically ask about anything after hitting a demon. I’d recommend adding a coda of ‘about the demon’ to the move. So you can learn things about them while you fight them.

    I’m really surprised that this class doesn’t have some kind of immunity or resistance to possession. That seems like something you’d want to pick up if your job was hunting demons.

  2. Its a nice compendium class, not a lot of story flavour though, its just mechanics, you know?

    Maybe a Demon Hunter, once they take the move, must have a literal demon tongue on their person to speak to and understand demons. Stuff like that.

    Hm, also, a Fighter turned Demon Hunter would have a very potent weapon indeed, given time!

  3. Thanks, Zach! I rewrote the Demon Hunter move, fixed the dangling failure on Bind, and changed the Experienced move and name.

    I think Demonfoe is fine: the Discern Realities list keeps the questions focused on the situation/person at hand.

    As far as possession, that is a key feature of Judeo-Christian demons but not chaotic evil Outsiders, right? I admit my Monstrous Manual memory is flaky at best.

  4. Hmm, yeah, D&D has historically been fairly low on the possessing-style demons. I think there was a ‘demonically possessed’ template at once point, but there was a template for everything at once point. 

    The revised Demon Hunter move is better, in that it can’t be argued for every situation, but it’s now so limited in scope that I’d never take it as a player. Even a player in a game where the powers of hell were a major threat. My main playbook would contain far more useful abilities and move selection is limited.

    What about a power to instantly recognize demons regardless of their shape or disguise?

    The revised Experienced move now has a better name, but remember, the GM’s enemies don’t have weapons with tags. That is uniquely PC territory. Check out the enemy write-ups in the main book. That move would not, strictly speaking, do anything. 

  5. I may be fuzzy on my Monstrous Manual, but I have the DW Monster Setting 8 right in front of me. Barbed Devil and Nightmare are terrifying. Nightmare, Imp, Djinn, and Hell hound all have attacks or special qualities of flame or hellish fire. The tags are in the text.

    Hmm. Thinking about Demon Hunter.

  6. Hmm, you’re right. I didn’t read properly. 

    Still, I’d think a more clear “You are immune to hell-fire and the supernatural terror of demons” would be more useful. 

  7. I like everything but the bind a demon move. Why not actually confine the demon in something on a 10+ and then have the players having to figure out what to do with it. Maybe a confined demon can be forced to serve but their is always the possibility of escape…

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