One more base class idea for my (first) upcoming #DungeonWorld  campaign: the sorcerer.

One more base class idea for my (first) upcoming #DungeonWorld  campaign: the sorcerer.

One more base class idea for my (first) upcoming #DungeonWorld  campaign: the sorcerer. I wanted another arcane class whose magic goes narrow + deep (master of one trick), as opposed to the wizard who seems to go broad + shallow (every trick under the sun).

As before, feedback to help improve and wrap my head around the game is greatly appreciated.

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  1. It looks good to me. My only concern is that it might be easy to let the game become all about the sorcerer, so discuss it with your group before making it available as a character choice.

  2. I’ve overwritten this with a slightly revised copy. I wasn’t sure how to properly scale down the overcharge effects without making the class too handy at dealing d10 damage at range, so I’ve tried swapping the overcharge effects to now trigger on every 2nd 7-9 you roll. Hopefully that will add a sense of “Danger zone” once you get your first 7-9 and hit that moment of “Now every spell could be my last.”

  3. I have a new-to-DW player with one session’s experience giving this a shot tomorrow. I didn’t see any issues with it on my initial looks. Since the signature spell move seems a bit vague to me as far as what can actually be done, I’m leaning towards “creative cantrip uses”/”element bending” with a little leeway on the range tags.

    If anyone has run into real issues using this playbook, I’d love to hear about them sometime in the next ~18 hours.

  4. Ironically, I pulled this apart a few weeks ago and made an updated version that also meshes with the concepts behind Class Warfare. I hadn’t posted it anywhere but I can if you’re interested. It tones down a lot of the complexity, gets rid of the whole fonts vs traces thing, and removes the 3rd page altogether. I think the signature spell remains as a pretty simple “elemental blast,” though.

  5. “Range and tags appropriate to your element.”

    I took the approach of “Decide what fire magic is like for your sorcerer” rather than say “All fire magic is near and messy.”

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