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  1. I would describe the classes as more advanced, as a lot of the moves are less mechanical and more about bending the fiction to your will. I have a channeler in my game, and everyone else is a base DW class and I would say he’s a bit more powerful. However the player is also just more vocal and creative, and his previous druid was also the most powerful class before he died. I think in the hands of someone who really has the hang of DW, the grimworld classes can be cool, but I’d steer new comers away from them.

  2. I feel like it’s exactly the other way around with most IW classes. Mainly the Slayer, Battlemaster and Skirmisher. 

    Can’t remember the Inquisitor right now. The Necromancer is kinda cool but has thematic problems. The Channeler is okay for a blaster but the trickle move really bothers me. You have that unstable power within you, releasing it safely shouldn’t be an option. 

    The shaman is just really weak if you ask me. 

  3. It wouldn’t be a Grim World thread without some Tim action. <3

    The text is creative commons, Tim. I would love to see the changes you’re always talking about. (Seriously, not trying to be snarky. You and I have different styles it seems. I would genuinely like to see what you have in mind.)

    I can’t remember if we’ve already talked about your “thematic problems” with the Necromancer. Creepy toe too creepy? On Trickle, we’ll have to agree to disagree. The Channeler has learned to control the flow (their body suffers when they try to use too much).

    “The shaman is just really weak”. Except when they summon a volcano, change the seasons, call on a pack of spirit wolves, etc. I guess?

    I’m looking forward to showing off what I’ve been doing in my free time. I actually think it will be more up your alley.

  4. I’d love to but i am so low on time… 

    I think most of the classes are actually fine, i tend to overanalyse that stuff and be to negative. The thematic problem with the Necromancer however is that they are quite “evil” in most views. That is okay in principle but it creates party struggle if you do not go out of the way as to legitimize Necromancy. There are cool ways to do that of course BUT it warps the world in a big way. That is also cool but maybe not everyone grasps all the things that follow from that worldchange. If i know my character can/will be brought back by the Necromancer to serve him, how do I need to play my character know? 

    If we change the world so that undead are not a big deal and just another way to honor your ancestors, how does the world change because of that? 

    You need to spend a lot of setup time, especially in a one-shot to create party cohesion. OR you need to play an “evil” party, but not every player wants that. 

    In short, including a Necromancer into a game changes a bunch of assumptions and not all of them might be clear from the beginning and therefore i don’t like including them, especially in One-Shots.  

  5. I will point out that I’m not really a fan of the skirmisher, though no one has ever really played one in my game. The death by a thousand cuts thing doesn’t really do it for me, and at level 7 they can kill any one thing with a spear throw if they roll a 10+ on their first attack. Say goodbye to that dragon you wanted to have any kind of impact.

    I would love to play any of the other classes in a game, if only I could get one of my friends to DM for once.

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