Welcome.. to the Danger Zorn!

Welcome.. to the Danger Zorn!

Welcome.. to the Danger Zorn!

Part I

Darkness fell upon Freetray, the largest island in known existence upon Zorn. They had to leave, and they had to leave tonight. Pedro, the human fighter with a hook of pure gold, and his group, Snively Globfingers the goblin thief and Kaldara, the human paladin, decide to leave the central trade island under the cover of night. This was the last night that Pedro would have possession of his ship, as Lord Fraz had no more use for Pedro’s services.

Pedro, with his soothing words, quelled the concerns of dock owner with just the right tone… and a bottle of the finest whiskey he so happened to find in his bag. Snively, unfortunately, had another goal in mind. As he attempted to crawl the underbelly of the docks where the group conversed, his grip was, well, somewhat off. His entrance was unable to be ignored as a loud splash came from just below the dock owners feet. It was fortunate that the group was able to mitigate the situation. The group and their additional passenger, a quiet and beautiful young woman, only introduced to the group by Pedro as the Lord’s daughter, boarded Pedro’s ship. She was to be bethrothed to a man she could not accept. Pedro agreed to take her along.

Kaldara was known for having a bit of an awkward manner. His social qualities made it difficulty for Snively to make any kind of score from the new passenger, though she willingly gave him a token of her appreciation for their convoy by giving him a small silver chain from her pocket.

Alas, trouble brewed on the horizon of the surrounding ships. Kaldara was unable, or perhaps, lacked the initiative, to inform his group in time before the siege fell upon them. The ship set sail with three of the enemy’s forces having boarded the ship. Two managed to climb one side, letting loose a type of sleeping gas into the belly of the ship through a porthole where Snively and the young maiden had been sitting. Snively was fortunate enough to have the fair maiden at his disposal for his own protection. He used her to protect his own body and made his escape with haste as the damsel fell ill to the noxious scent.

As the ship left the docks, battle ensued among this mysterious, yet highly agile and mobile force. Parts of the ship were damaged. As the tides turned in favor of the enemy, the group had only one last chance before the masked marauders would be able to escape with the young lass. Kaldara spoke the law of his Deity and called out to the enemy, threatening them with eternal purgatory. The villains stopped in their tracks. As followers of the same God, they relinquished their hostage and attempted to take their own lives, in hopes to be spared by the God Malvanis from an eternal existence in purgatory.

It was only then that the ship, with its mending crew, sailed on to begin their journey…

Part II epic write-up in progress! #dangerzorn #semidarkarts

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