8 thoughts on “hmmm.”

  1. Have you seen Johnstone Metzger’s Adventures on Dungeon Planet? It gets a lot of the pulpy, sword-and-planet feel.

    If that’s not what you’re looking for, elaborate! Because I would be interested. 

  2. Yes I know that, but I want to create my own version, more grim and darker in tone.

    Also my Style of publications would be to publish smaller and modular 24page Playsets. Always centered about a Story/Adventure, Theme/Setting or a Location which could stage all thoses. Also Creaturebooks.

  3. And what is one of the most important parts here, train ym skills in Retro Cover Paintings, as I intend to recreate those fantastic Old Covers in my own way. Maps, yes Maps, endless maps 😀

  4. Also check Sage’s upcoming game Black Stars Rise, which runs more toward the cosmic horror end of weird fantasy. It’s actually based off World of Dungeons but has grown well beyond that.

  5. I’ve been tinkering with a hack that seeks to encompass the range of pulp genres from the 20’s through the 40s, from space opera to wild west to high seas adventure, and had a similar idea about small modular booklets designed in the classic style. Go for it!

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