Hello fine folks.

Hello fine folks.

Hello fine folks. I hope you are having a great weekend (and a great holiday if you are in the US). I have been working on new playbooks that are a take on the old specialist magic-users. Here is the first one I have drafted. It still needs some work (racials, bonds, drives) but I would love your feedback and suggestions. 

The Illusionist (Edit: Renamed Spectrumancer and updated)


Thank you!


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  1. Darren Priddy Hi Darren, this one is different, I had not seen the other. Guess I will have to rename it (Any suggestions?).  

    I am aiming to create a playbook for each of the old Dungeons and Dragons specialist schools. Illusion, Enchantment, Abjuration, Evocation, Necromancy, Conjuration, Divination, and Alteration. I plan to post Abjuror and Conjuror next.

  2. I have an idea for some of the blank areas:



    Create an illusion that organizes reality, or makes things appear tidier.


    Create an illusion that blends in with nature.


    Create an illusion that shows off something’s potential of what could be.



    While in a wooded area, you can cast invisibility just as if you had memorized the first level magic-user spell.


    You are a prankster. When you cast a facade to embarrass or humiliate someone, take +1.


    Instead of attacking once in combat, you can fool yourself into believing everything’s OK, and ignore one debility for that combat.


    My illusions caused _______ harm by accident.

    _____ loves it when I make the world more interesting.

    I wish I looked at the world like _____________ does.

    _______ sees through the illusion of life better than I do.

    Level 2-5 Advanced Move:


    You may memorize and cast cantrips as a wizard does.

    Level 6-10 Advanced Move:


    You may learn a Wizard spell whose total levels don’t exceed your own level+1, preparing and casting just like a wizard. The spell must have the tag illusion, divination or enchantment. 


    Choose a move from the Wizard’s level 2-5 advanced moves.

  3. Mark West Thanks very much for the ideas. I especially like the bonds. Very cool.

    And I was considering the Spectrumancer, since I would like to put these up on drivethrurpg at some point. 

  4. A lightmage.  Interesting!

    I’ll probably dig deeper into this in the future, but the one big thing that jumps out to me is the move Mirage mandates choosing 3 things from the list on a 7-9, but there are only 2 list items total. 

  5. Sean Fager Good catch!  I updated Mirage recently and forgot to update the number of choices. I still think overall the move needs some work, but I picture it as a really huge illusion that is all encompassing and am having trouble with how to represent that in a way I am satisfied with.

    I would love to hear any additional feedback if you get a chance to read it over.

  6. Shadow Gate needs a (Requires Shadow Shift) tag

    Maybe the Human race gets some free BOLSTER points when they enter a steading with an Illusionist Guild?

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