Hey guys sorry for the spam, but this is version o.7 of my Kobold racial class. Thanks to you guys I almost have a finished product! Tell me what you like and dislike about this, how I can make it better all that jazz. 

Anyways let me know if you would like to playtest this ever!

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  1. To be more precise, if I make a Miner and declare that I work for this big, dangerous and famous dragon. I now got the Servant background for free.

  2. Tim Franzke Yeah I get where you are coming from. Im thinking something to do with knowing how to blend in with a crowd. Or locating the most expensive item in the room.

  3. Shadi Alhusary, maybe: When you use your Master name as leverage take 1 forward. 

    Simple, direct, well amalgamated with the theme, flexible (I can see it used for Parlay, Defy Danger, Carousing and even Discern Realities… it will depend on the fantasy of the player!).

    Can I also suggest some more powerful drive, to put the character in interesting situations struggling to fulfill them?

    Wealth: Flaunt your wealth in the face of the less fortunate

    Acceptance: Be accepted as you are by someone or a group

    Power: Ok, it’s good

    Also, have you seen this initiative?

    Give me a call when you have finished this class 😉

  4. I don’t necessarily agree that the Servant background does nothing, but I agree that it’s not very interesting. You might do something similar to the Inverse World Captain’s Pirate background, where your master’s reputation carries enough weight that you never need to roll for Outstanding Warrants – nobody wants trouble with your boss, so they leave you alone.

    Also, feel free to take or leave this, but I think the wording on Street Fighter’s trigger is still a little unclear (and the options possibly too specific), so I wrote up a possible alternative:

    When you Hack n Slash, on a 10+ you may choose to expose yourself to the enemy’s attack. If you do, you may EITHER deal +1d6 damage OR choose one of the following bonus effects:

    • Blind, deafen, or similarly disorient them

    • Steal a small visible item they carry

    • Plant an item on their person

    • Taunt them, drawing their full attention onto you

    • Hit them below the belt, stunning or slowing them

    You’ve done a good job on this, I’m really into the class concept! Excited to see it develop.

  5. You rock, TimXD

    This classes has a lot of good ideas and a good execution.

    I still don’t like very much how the Servant background is written down.

    Let me explain.

    With that move you give the carachter a fictional positioning and translate it in a mechanical bonus.

    Then you proceed in limiting with mechanical terms how to use that bonus: use it only in this three moves.

    Isn’t more interesting just give them a bonus to trigger when they use their leverage and let them figure new, exciting ways to exploit it?

  6. I like that you removed the ammo from the dynamite, that had the potential for abuse, still, while fictionally I can figure out what a bundle of it does when thrown, if you have an intent for it, you should define it. How much load can the sickly donkey carry, should a player choose it?

    Adapted for survival: instead of “ingested toxins do nothing” use “ingested toxins have no effect”. I would suggest that if a kobold can eat a poison with no effect, that he should gain no effect from a potion, or to make both make sense as a survival adaptation, try this:

    “Kobolds can eat anything, they suffer no ill effects from ingested poisons; likewise they gain no benefits from ingested potions. When you ingest a potion or poison, you do not need to consume a ration today. “

  7. Kobolds are scaly, dog-like beastmen about the size of halflings that live underground in caverns and dungeons. Male kobolds are distinguished by their colorful head crests, which tend to fan out in display when they feel threatened or when courting. They also have an incomprehensible and somewhat suicidal fascination with bombs and other things that explode. Female kobolds tend to be larger, more muscular and more aggressive than male kobolds. All kobolds have a special love for booby-traps and find it unbearably funny when an intruder, or even one of their own number, is caught in one.

  8. A lot of these are really good. I love the “soar throat” detail in Bad Breath.

    I’m confused by Street Fighter, though.  On a 10+ I can do +d6 damage or get a cherry.  Does my foe also make an attack against me?  As written, the answer is “no.”  It seems that I’m just better at H&S.  I’m guessing you mean that as a replacement to the +1d6 damage you do if you leave yourself open, yes? 

  9. Wynand Louw while that is true, that they used to be dog boys, and while I like most things to emulate the old school, something about 3e’s tying them to dragons really appeals to me and others, prior to 3e kobolds never had a really strong background, other than as trapmakers, post 3e they have a ready place in the monster ecology – they serve dragons. I always felt dragons needed a humanoid servitor race.

  10. Man the wording on street fighter is giving me trouble, this is what I came up with. 

    “When you roll a 10+ on a hack and slash, you may choose to do +1d6 

    Damage, but expose yourself to the enemies attack, or choose one of your “Kobold fair fighting techniques” while still receiving the attack. “

    And the servant move is now

    “Your master be it man or beast is powerful. When using your master as leverage take a +1 forward”

    And john that is a great suggestion and im definitely using it.

    Adapted for survival is now 

    “Kobolds have an enhanced sense of smell and never forget a scent. Their not-so selective diet has also given them strong stomachs, Kobolds can eat anything, they suffer no ill effects from ingested poisons; likewise they gain no benefits from ingested potions. When you ingest a potion or poison, you do not need to consume a ration today.”

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