5 thoughts on “Does this move destroy the notion of signature weapon?”

  1. Could there be a reason to have two signature weapons? I’m trying to think of a character that carries two.

    For instance a sword and bow, or two blades. They could be the weapons of this persons father or something?

    Just some ideas.

  2. I can’t really imagine taking the move unless it was available to me at first level.  “Signature” implies that it’s part of your character concept.  If I pick up a new signature weapon during play, I want to pick it up during play, not just as an advance.

    It could work as a background/race move, I think.  Though I might limit it to just 1 extra weapon, not 2.

  3. Ugh.  I hated that Roy from Order of the Stick lost his signature weapon and had to carry around a makeshift club for a while.  In real life, it makes sense to diversify and have a few extra weapons you’re good with in case your weapon breaks, is stolen, is getting blacksmith to awesomeness, etc… but I guess part of DW “being a fan” means don’t mess with the signature weapon.

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