#Spellslingerweek  #3PP

#Spellslingerweek  #3PP

#Spellslingerweek  #3PP 

A Spellslinger’s wand is their primary identifying feature. How did you come to create your wand? What is it made of that makes it so powerful, and what ties it to you, and you alone? Instead of crafting it yourself, did you acquire or inherit it some other way?

Magic Wand

This is your wand. There are many like it, but this one is yours. You have crafted it, and shed your blood on it, bonding it to you.


Choose the material Your Wand is crafted from:

Ash wood, Elm wood, Cherry wood, Mahogany, Ivory, Willow, Crystal

Choose the style of your wand:

Elegant, Pistol Grip, Copper Shod, Amber Inlay, Worn, Twisted, Jeweled, Sparkly

(Since the Spellslinger is entirely CCBYSA, feel free to post moves in their entirety when discussing them.)

4 thoughts on “#Spellslingerweek  #3PP”

  1. (alternate racial move)

    Stolen Wand: 

    Your wand was not crafted by you and therefore still has its own motivations. Add this to the choices on the 7-9 list on the Spellshot Move. 

    – The Wand follows its own agenda, the GM chooses the Rune that takes effect 

  2. Alternately:


    Unlike other spellslingers, you eschew the need for any magical foci, preferring to fling magic via your hands.

    Edit: maybe this could be an alternate background…hmmm

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