Hi folks

Hi folks

Hi folks, 

I’m looking for feedback on these class moves. I wrote them a few years ago, before DW was publicly released, and then revised them a couple of years back when DW was released as CC BY. 

Now that Grim Portents will be publishing regular content as a blog, I wanted to clean them up, polish them off and put them on the blog.

Because they’ve already been shared in a few different forms over a few years, I’m not precious about them. Feel free to be brutal: “Delete Detect Chaos, it’s a waste of space”; “Wellness is weaksauce”, etc. If the result is that only half or a third of them make the grade, that’s not a problem to me. 


5 thoughts on “Hi folks”

  1. Hey Tim Franzke, thanks for your feedback. With Death Attack, the idea is that you can backstab them once to set up a weakness, and then backstab them again for a guaranteed kill. I should specify that the enemy that you’re sizing up has to be the one that you’re attacking.

  2. Hmmm, good question. What if you could select setting up a weakness and taking advantage of the weakness in the same backstab? Then, on a 10+ you kill them immediately; on a 7-9 you can set up the kill for the next backstab.

    Or what if the setting up a weakness was a rider on every attack, like this:

    When you hit a creature, you have it in your sights. When you backstab a creature in your sights and roll 7+, you kill it.

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