Out of interest.

Out of interest.

Out of interest. Could you make a plant a monster? Not a carnivorous plant, but merely one that makes people drowsy or irrational. I was thinking about weird amazon rain-forest type flowers (with long pollen generating anthers) and realized, I could represent the sleepy/irrationality effects of a DW type magical flower, with a move. Would this work? Or is a monster a moving, predatory thing?

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  1. Defence mechanism? Puts things to sleep in the hopes something nasty comes along and gets it…or they never wake up if they stay close to its pollen/spores/whatever it does to make you fall asleep.

  2. There’s nothing inherent about a “monster” that makes it mobile or immobile. Based on your description, though, this sounds more like a hazard than a monster. Are the characters meant to fight this plant or try to bypass it somehow?

  3. The Black Orchid

    A plant whose black flowers are the size of a hand, and extends its tendril-likes anthers of several feet out of the tree branche were it grows. it’s not intelligent or malignant, just very, very, dangerous

    tiny, stealthy, devious

    Damage: poison d6-2, near, ignore armor


    0 armor

    Special qualities: vegetable, immobile

    – Trap in a feverish, allucinating dream its victims

    – It’s just another effing plant! We are in a forest! How could it be dangerous!?

    – Reproduce, infest, grow

    Do you want a custom move?

    When you enter in contact with the Black Orchid pollen roll+COS

    On a 10+ you can shrug off the poison, on a 7-9 you are Confused or Stunned, your choice. You cannot choese a condition you already have, if you cannot choose treat a 7-9 like a failure.

  4. Thank you, Adam Koebel, despite reading DW twice I forget even the simplest rules.

    Rory MacLeod, I was having trouble with moves a few days ago. This was merely an idea for an adventure. Something along the lines of the adventuring party stumbling into a clearing with strange, sleep inducing, flowers growing in its center. I was asking this because a majority of the DW monsters are moving creatures with malicious intent. A plant has no malicious intent (that we know of).

  5. Or, you can make it a trap and just use your moves through it.

    There isn’t a right answer: you have different tools for your needs, find the ones who works best for you.

  6. Sure, just make it to where the pollen affects everything in a radius of the plant putting things to sleep/daze as it only feeds on small birds but has to knock them out quick to make them into lunch. When a player hits it or falls on it, have the cloud put people to sleep/daze with or without a save.

    Also you could go with the standard animated tree who is rather peaceful but the fruit from it is not something people should eat.

  7. This makes me think of a recent RFI podcast talking about memory moss from MM2 (I think). You inhale the spores and lose your recent memory. The moss keeps your memory and has ways of using it that I won’t try to remember. All kinds of DnD plant tropes would work great in DW. Fungi, molds, mosses, lots of fun possibilities!

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