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  1. That’s right, they defy danger.  You would set up the scene clearly such as, “You pick the tomb off the platform, as you look around the room starts to sway as what appears to be blood flows from the tapestries around you.  What do you do?”  “I put up my mental guard and force the book out of my hand”  In this case it sounds like he wants to use fort to block out the mental assault on his mind.  Other answers could work too as long as the fiction matches the world you have created.

  2. Yeah, defy danger with probably int or wis… I would say a case could be made for someone to use con as well… whatever you all agree on at the table.

  3. I usually ask the player. “You start having problems maintaining your focus, like something is fighting for control of your mind. What are you doing about that?”  Their answer usually leads to an Int or Wis Defy Danger. although I’d be open to other options. No answer means no roll (although I’m a kindly GM and try to push and prompt to ensure that the player understands that this can be fought).

  4. If you dodge a fireball its DEX. If you are being charmed its WIS. If you are bound by magical means eg vines its STR. If you are conftonted with an illusion its INT. If you are hit with molecular disruptive spells its CON.

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