Druid Shapeshifter Question

Druid Shapeshifter Question

Druid Shapeshifter Question

I am prepping for a game and a bit concerned about animal moves. I have read a few posts were people discussed the creation of some sample/vanilla move for various common animals. 

Did this ever happen and does this document exist anywhere?

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  1. A good way to come up with animal moves is ask the Druid player: “Why you transformed on that animal and not another? What do you think you could do?”

    The answer is a move.

    Otherwise think about what that animal do, in stereotypes: an eagle flies and see, an elephant trample…

  2. Last night, our fighter (with the multiclass move Shapechange) turned into a Bear and during a storm, used the move Hibernate: when you make camp, you are able to find shelter and keep your companions warm.

    Then, he turned into a jungle snake and used the move

    Cold blooded: when you are in a desert, you are able to withstand the heat and you do not need to consume additional rations. (He was our quartermaster and failed with a 6- so he ended up eating rations anyway.)

  3. Somebody gave me a good example last time to give these 3 types of moves:

    1) relating to the type of thing the character is trying to do

    2) relating to something that the animal is known for

    3) something a little unexpected as a move, but appropriate for the animal

  4. Cheers for the replies. 1st game went really well and nobody played a Druid. Though thanks for the advice & a completed move sheet would be ace. Though the 3 choice rule is a excellent concept.

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