7 thoughts on “Any ideas to run Dungeon Worlds with 2 GMs?”

  1. I ran Dungeon world at a con with a group that had 9 players, fun was still had by all. The game still works with a ton of players, just make sure everyone still gets to participate.

  2. At Origins, I will be involved in what is called a “long con”, wherein we will have 2 GMs running 2 tables in the same scenario. In terms of the event slots, this runs over multiple slots and perhaps multiple days.

    These two tables will be groups of adventurers competing with each other in some manner. We haven’t worked out all of the details as of yet.

    If anyone is interested, I’ll post something here as a recap.

  3. Oops, I read too fast and missed that you’ve only got one table.

    Personally, I wouldn’t play or run in a DW game that was more than 4-5 players plus a GM.  I don’t think DW scales up super well.  There’s just not enough GM attention to go around.

    Adding a second GM at the table sounds like an interesting experiment.  I have no idea how it would work, but good luck!

  4. One of our original ideas was to have 4-5 regular players with characters, + other “watcher” players with some input over what happens in the game, but not their own characters. We may use this with a Hot Seat concept, were players can come and go over the course of the Con day.

    We still didn’t go in depth on what the watcher’s influence will be.

  5. Maybe if each character had two players?  Get a list of personality traits, each player picks one to emphasize.  So when the paladin’s being brave, one player has first say on what it’s doing, when it’s being merciful the other player has first say.  I’m using ‘first say’ like in Psi*Run; it doesn’t mean they have to go with that idea, it’s just the first suggestion.  Any conflicts can be solved with rock-paper-scissors or whatever.

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