GenCon is rapidly approaching.

GenCon is rapidly approaching.

GenCon is rapidly approaching. I’ve only played Dungeon World once, last GenCon, I’ve been running it practically since I got home from the con and I look forward to getting a chance to play again as a player at Gencon. Adam Koebel Sage LaTorra will you have anything new for us to buy or play at GenCon this year?

I’m going to practically live in the Indie games on demand area, anyone else planning to load up on sweet sweet indie gaming during GenCon?

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  1. I have some scheduled events (running a Curse the Darkness Fate LARP, participating in a Plaid Chameleon Games LARP), but will otherwise be spending tons of time in Games on Demand, which is a great place for Apocalypse games and other good indie stuff.

  2. John Kramer we have a simplified ruleset (fewer aspects, LARP-oriented approaches, etc.). We’re debating between deck(s) of fate and “diceless” (approach plus stunts plus invocations only). If Dresden Lives is available to us, we plan to compare notes with those folks.

  3. By Gen Con I will have secured the title of World’s Most Experienced Dungeon World Game Master, and I will happily celebrate by running a game for all y’all.

  4. For the last two years, Games on Demand seemed like the best place to be if you wanted to play Dungeon World. I’m planning on many hours of Games on Demand, both playing and running. I haven’t decided if Dungeon World will be one of the games I offer.

  5. I hope to play not just Dungeon World, but the whole spectrum of indie/story games. I’m willing to run pickup (non ticketed) games for sure, I run at local cons all the time, I’m just not sure if I’m good enough to offer enough bang for a gamer’s buck in the big leagues at GenCon.

  6. Alan De Smet You’re the High Programmer aren’t you? I knew I knew your name from somewhere, let me say thanks for your event listing site for GenCon, it is so useful!

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