I’m back to working on my supplement Lands of the Dead.

I’m back to working on my supplement Lands of the Dead.

I’m back to working on my supplement Lands of the Dead. Currently I’m adding more content, but I’l love to hear from players, GMs, and readers about what kind of content they want more of for their games.

-How important or useful do you find the following supplemental materials when playing or GMing Dungeon World?

New rules/systems

New locations and world lore

New monsters, threats, and dangers

Fronts and adventures

New NPCs

Full Classes

Compendium classes

New single moves

New magical items

Character art

Landscape art

Logos, icons, and symbols art


-How much material from supplements do you use as presented, and how much do you use as inspiration or piecemeal?

4 thoughts on “I’m back to working on my supplement Lands of the Dead.”

  1. All of these are welcome to DW though the new rules just need to be tested beforehand as those might be the only sticky part along with the new classes/moves. Rest sounds like it will be quite fun.

  2. WOW! I’m really excited with this awesome news!

    Like I told you before, you’re doing a fantastic job with this suplement. In Lands of the Deads, when the Last Breath roll fails, you’re just beginning a new journey.

    I doesn’t matter if you’re planning a KS Project, selling on RPGDrivethru, or just giving us for free (well, I’d make a donation, for god sake!).

    You have my axe! 

  3. Looks cool!  Back when I was playing Dragonquest I was working on a campaign setting called Blood Moon that was my last ditch attempt to cram in all the diverse elements I wanted to experience. Post-apocalyptic fantasy in a world infested with undead, demons and elemental-punk emergent technology with an Old West feel to it. I have some playwer test driving it now, but I really need to flesh it out some more. Your stuff is inspiring. https://bloodmoon.obsidianportal.com/wikis/main-page

  4. I largely cannibalize for inspiration unless the setting’s all of a piece. To that extent, fronts, and their dangers, and their linked moves, are all a lot of use to me. Everything else not so much.

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