6 thoughts on “A review of the Slayer from Grim World.”

  1. Basically the main mechanic of the class is a downside mechanic. It is hard to trigger by yourself, gets you hit with a hard move and gives you a bedility. The Upside of this is pretty low. You get to roll with a +3 or higher once or twice. Then you kill whatever you were fighting with and you loose the bonus. 

    The best way to use this then is to H&S a bunch of different targets, hoping to NOT kill them. That is not what a Slayer does. 

    In short, it is a pretty big downside with only little payoff. 

    (and mainly downside mechanics are in general only liked by a small subset of players)

  2. I’ve been biting my tongue for awhile because I don’t want to get sucked into a debate that basically amounts to “people like different things”. I will say one thing:

    Tim is completely right that the Withdrawal mechanic is a big downside. You should only play Grim World’s Slayer if you want to play a character that constantly struggles with addiction. You will find yourself saying “oh god, I need to kill something or I’m a goner”. You will find yourself making choices that a more balanced person might not make. You will find your character’s relationships with other party members strained.

    That’s all intentional. In playtests and games since then, I’ve been happy with the (grim) results. If you want a class that is a more straightforward ass-kicker, or is more flexible for other character concepts, there’s plenty to choose from (I hear the Fighter is pretty good).

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