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    I would post some up but I’m at work, so I’ll come back to this. However, try taking another look at the book and re flavouring some of the bits and pieces, golems can easily be reflavoured into robots and maybe add some tags to other creatures and say they’re mechanical.

  2. It think this is not the case of “I cannot come up with anything” but rather “has anybody created something really cool I did not think of”.

    I for one would also love to see a robotic codex.

  3. Aviv Icel can you please give folks some context for how they can help you?

    Do you want us to post robots here? Do you want advice on how we used normal monsters as robots? Did you not like the other robots you found, why, what can we do differently?

    “Gimme robot” is going to give you scattershot answers at bet.

  4. Well the reason I asked was that I like to see people’s write-ups for instinct and moves. The other stats aren’t that important.

    I did take several things from the codex, and two monsters from Adventure on Dungeon Planet.


  5. Awesome! Okay, cool!

    So if I wanted to do something like the Daleks from Doctor Who (cyborgs who have done everything they can do eliminate their emotions and mental weaknesses, and want to destroy all species who aren’t them) I’d go with something like these…

    Instinct: Exterminate Humanity in all its Forms

    •Tell Someone Its Horrible Plan

    •Disintegrate Someone Important

    •Hover Slowly

    •Survive, Inexplicably

    I think with robots, their instincts can be very narrow if they’re just meant to be a specific model doing a specific job. I’d broaden their instincts if you imagine the robot has an actual plan or personality.

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