Chances are we might be seeing a lot more Dungeon World content on

Chances are we might be seeing a lot more Dungeon World content on

Chances are we might be seeing a lot more Dungeon World content on

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  1. “The rules are not really important, the DM and sometimes the players are free to make everything happen that they can imagine, what happens feels much more improvised and not predictable. In my opinion, DW lacks the feeling of progression or real meaning that I like …”

  2. Sean Dunstan I know what you mean. I tend to think of AW, DW, all of the hacks and other “storygames” as co-determined narratives with rules designed to compliment the fictional reality.  That does not mean that they are “rules-lite”, but instead designed to  be  lean and fluid.  One’s attention is focused on the table, not so much the source book.

  3. Sean Dunstan Amen.  Table climate determines how co-determined or rail-roaded any RPG is. Some systems tend to illicit cooperative narratives  more than others.

  4. I’m always amazed that one game can have people worried about both abusive player power over the world and unrestricted GM fiat? 

  5. I just went to the link and the entire forum image started rotating with some dude’s face in the background. Is it possible that its been hacked? Weird

  6. Patrick Joannisse There are people who don’t like player-driven content because they think that means that the players can just “win” by declaring that they’re immune to poison or that they find some insane magic item or that they’re just the best at everything ever. Which says more about those players than the game in question, really.

    The sad fact is that there are a lot of people who still think that it has to be GM vs. players, or that the GM should be the one creating setting details, or that the rules are there to protect the players from the mean ol’ GM.

    Fortunately, I know from personal experience that games like Dungeon World or Fate or the hundreds of indie “storygames” out there are teaching people that’s not the case. Going back to Games on Demand, seeing people who’ve only played 3.Pathfinder experience DW and falling in love with it was amazing and heartening.

  7. Sean Dunstan It’s just painful to watch people ignorantly comment about the game. “The GM rolls dice” is a good example. I’m such a fanboy..I’ll just calm down now.

  8. Patrick Joannisse I hear you. The most frustrating thing about it is that you can’t explain to people like that that they’re wrong, because then you’re “white knighting” or some other bullshit.

  9. I realize my post above might sound like an obtuse joke, but it wasn’t. The subreddit was actually rotating in my browser. But fixed now.

    And I can once again enjoy the crazy comments. Like the one about DW causing stupid NPC names…maybe it was better before.

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