4 thoughts on “What’s next for the Planarch Codex? I just recently joined so I’m only aware of “Dark Heart.””

  1. Yeah, there’s some extras in the right-side panel of the G+ Community: the Calvino Cycle, the one-shot guide, some character sheets and maps. There’s several things in the works, both solo stuff by me and collaborative things with other people, but I’m kind of buried in day-job work and a few outstanding projects at present, including doing an editing pass on Worlds in Peril (a superhero hack powered by the Apocalypse World engine).

    Things in the works:

    Canticle of the Wild Planes (covers youth adventuring in planes far away from the grasp of Dis)

    That Ancient Serpent (mini-campaign about a plague that causes people to transform into dragons)

    Thrice-Damned Manual of Madness (anthology/horror supplement)

    Beneath the Red Desert Moons (Dune/John Carter desert planet thing)

    – Some crazy thing with Jackson Tegu

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