Released our first playbook, The Afflictionist.

Released our first playbook, The Afflictionist.

Released our first playbook, The Afflictionist.

Remove debilitating effects from friends and inflict them upon your foes. But don’t just stop there, make them more potent and spread them like the plague.

A pox be upon you!–A-Dungeon-World-Playbook

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  1. Most of the moves for the class come from use of a currency called pox. The character absorbs negative effects to gain pox. They then expend the pox to inflict debilities and other restrictions on others.

    There is also a bit of healing, diagnosing ailments, a built in defense (as many moves require touch), and beneficial interactions with communities of the diseased or disabled. 

  2. Starting Moves

    A Pox Be Upon You

    You have the ability to spread the diseases you have healed in others. If you can get your

    bodily fluid upon the target, whether spit, blood, or otherwise, spend 1 pox to either:

    • Inflict a debility

    • Inflict damage

    • Inflict Spasms – the next time the target inflicts damage, roll twice and take the lowest


    • Inflict Cramps – you and your allies get +1 forward to your next action against the target

    After you spend the pox, roll+INT. *On a 10+, choose 1. *On a 7-9, choose 2:

    • It leaves you momentarily open to retaliation

    • The target has a strong immune system – spend 1 additional pox

    • The action required more effort than you expected – suffer -1 forward to your next roll

    • The pox is particularly virulent – your allies suffer -1 ongoing to resist disease until they

    have a chance to rest

    Consume Ailment

    By touching a target you can remove 1 debility from them. You gain 1 pox in this way.

    Shroud of Fear

    Because of your diseased appearance, intelligent creatures are reluctant to attack you. roll+CON. *On a hit, you get +1 ongoing to Defy Danger against their hostile actions for

    the rest of the encounter. *On a 10+, the first time you suffer harm this encounter, mark


    Communal Effort

    You are shunned for your appearance and spend most days with communities of the

    disabled and diseased. You are able to Carouse with these communities without having to

    expend coin.

  3. A few questions, this class would require the GM handling out a lot more debilities then usual yes? And it could heal a debility, inflicted by hunger or magic and turn it into its own disease storage?

    When do you roll shroud of fear?

    When you don’t spend coin to carouse, what are you rolling with?

  4. I would caution using too many debilities. As it could break the class by making it too powerful. Though some who don’t use standard -1 debilities would have a tough time with this playbook. 

    And yes, the character’s touch alleviates the effects of the hunger (not necessarily fixing the problem of being hungry), and uses that stored negative energy to afflict others with hindering effects.

  5. But the class is fully dependent (At first at least) of the GM handing out debilities. So if the group just stays out of danger you basically have no “class feature”?

  6. Tim Franzke the vast majority of it’s moves are based around the pox currency, yes.

    It has some lesser healing abilities, can diagnose ailments, Carouse, and work within it’s Bonds for story line when out of dangerous situations.

  7. Tim Franzke I imagine any tavern would have it’s share of disease ridden customers from whom you could gather pox… This isn’t the modern age, after all.

  8. Christopher Meid Uniting theme, um, quirky/underdog/support-type classes. That’s only a possibility though, I get motivated by weird things.

    For the future I’m considering a Warden (good at Defying Danger and Defending, not so great for damage output) and an Inspirational Hero (nice to have around for forwards based off an ‘ego’ currency). Maybe a Witch Hunter if there’s not one out there (almost as good at killing as it is at condemning everything to death).

    Any or all of them may suck and get canned though, we’ll see how they go.

  9. Robert Nolan Support services eh? I expect you mean that they are for ’rounding out’ a party? Still, I think you’ve sold me on the Afflictionist: it sounds like it will take some creativity to play it, which is appealing. And there are enough glamour vampires around, right?

  10. Christopher Meid you got it, they are a compliment to a group, not a one-man army.

    I like what you said about taking “some creativity to play.” It fits right into one thing I like to include in all my games as quoted from my website, “You’ll tend to play underdogs in our games, characters that will have to struggle to succeed. We feel that success rocks just that much more when it wasn’t guaranteed from the start.”  I like giving material that can lead to some fun stories that may not always work out great for the character.  Leaves some room to grow outside of just experience points.

    I hope you enjoy the Afflictionist and can give me some input on the classes to come.

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