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  1. There are a lot of unfinished hacks that are in various states of playability.

    Yeah, everything is based off of AW… but DW changes a few key things in such a way that I’d prefer its model over the original. Personally.

  2. I can understand liking DW over AW. You can play a science-fantasy game, like Numenera, using straight DW though, as all you have to do is rename things.

    I’m curiois what the OP feels would need to be changed to make DW a sci-fi game. Sci-fi, like pulp, is a very expansive genre.

  3. Certainly, you could run a scifi flavored game with DW. That said, I could never be completely content until the game was specifically tailored for epic space opera gaming goodness. 🙂

    Marques Jordan  Your best bet is to simply visit the AW forums and story-games. Mr. Baker created a sub forum specifically for AW hacks on his website…


  4. Its the DW hacks that I’m curious about. I’m quite well versed in AW hacks. To my knowledge there are no DW hacks in existence. I’d love to know otherwise but sifting through 45 pages of forum threads when I’m not even sure what I’m looking for is problematic =P.

  5. Make your own 🙂

    Use Stars without number for the setting stuff and match the DW classes / moves with a bit of tinkering to suit. It would be a fun project.

  6. I think +Matt miller really hit the nail on the head. There’s a few core changes to DW that make me like it more than AW. put more explicitly: AW nearly destroyed my game group, while DW changed our way of gaming for the better.

    Reskinning DW is possible but unsatisfying. Again agreeing with Miller, I prefer my hacks to be more genre explicit (generic game systems typically seem hollow and fail to deliver). Designing a new hack would be fun, but I have performance anxiety and never finish. That’s why I have shelved Exalted World, L5R World, and Blood and Honor World.

    Traveler World will probably be the foundation for any scifi hack I do, though I’d remove the AW-ness of it and make it more accessible to non traveler fans (Aka me). I’m drawing inspiration from Cascade Failure actually.

    I don’t consider Numenera to be Sci Fi. It is fantasy, with a colorful and interesting back story to explain magic.

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