Hello everyone!

Hello everyone!

Hello everyone! Joined the Tavern just recently and I’m having tons of fun diving into the great material you guys post and the clever discussions.

I started GMing (one session so far) a DW team and we had lots of fun with it.

If I ever come up with anything good enough, be sure I’ll post it, until then I’ll keep “lurking” this great group. 🙂

Since I’m from Italy, I’d love to get in touch with some of the Italians I see here (Alessandro Gianni  & Daniele Di Rubbo come to mind) and exchange ideas & experiences.

If any of you guys will attend the upcoming Mantova Comicon this weekend, look for me at the Scuola Internazionale di Comics booth. 🙂

To everyone else, keep up the great work, guys!

As long-lost rpg-er, I’m having a ball re-living my ye olde adventurin’ days through your tales!

5 thoughts on “Hello everyone!”

  1. Mantua is not too far from where I live, but I think I’m not going there this weekend. Instead, I’ll be at EtrusCon in Montecatini from 14th to 16th March and at Modena Play, in the first week of April.

  2. I’ll see you there,  then, Mattia Bulgarelli .

    And yes, I will attend Modena Play as well, Daniele Di Rubbo  (will moderate a panel with Gary Chalk! Can’t even tell you how thrilled I am), we should definitely meet there.

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