I’m looking to GM a game with around 6ish people.

I’m looking to GM a game with around 6ish people.

Originally shared by Billy Wood

I’m looking to GM a game with around 6ish people.

After leading a small handful of games with some friends of mine, I’m hoping to find some more people to play with. Anyone is welcome to join, regardless of experience level, and beginners more than welcome.

I’m planning on using a mic and camera, but just mic or just keyboard is fine with me.

If anyone is feeling organised and already has a character sheet ready, they can upload it here and view everyone else’s.



8 thoughts on “I’m looking to GM a game with around 6ish people.”

  1. Nathan.

    It’s certainly not compulsory. I wasn’t expecting everyone to submit their characters, and even if someone does we’d have to at least have them introduced and work out their bonds.

    I just figured it would work as a reference for new people, and give me an idea of what sort of obstacles I could put in to play towards different classes strengths.

  2. Tim.

    It’s my first game with strangers over the internet, so there is that danger. But I’m planning the game around that number of players, so sod it, I’m happy to just see what happens.

    Hope to see you there.

  3. Sure I understand its not compulsory, but new players can learn so much from the process of chargen, and as players make choices we can call all ask questions (so you can use the answers in play).

    It does put you on the spot though. which can be quite liberating to play to see what happens with what the players bring to the table and your own daydreaming. Especially as your first game over the internet with strangers!

    I would suggest that chargen as a group will relax folks and make us all a little more comfortable as we get to know one-another and the situation we are generating together.

    Making Dungeon World characters is quick and easy. You should all create your first characters together at the beginning of your first session. Character creation is, just like play, a kind of conversation— everyone should be there for it. 

  4. I suppose I presumed there would be people bringing characters they’d used before, do people normally fill out new sheets for one shot games?

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