28 thoughts on “So how is grim world?”

  1. I liked some of the extra death moves and the compendium classes added, although I feel there could’ve been a bit more. Lots of nice magical items though.

  2. It splits out class and race, so any race can be any class. Death moves for all the base and a bunch of the free classes. Cursed items and lands… kinda cool. I haven’t played or run it yet, though.

  3. So far the Skirmisher plays well and the Necromancer is hilarious. Worst combo I’ve seen so far is a Dhampir Slayer, who had trouble balancing the sickness/digestion/thirst stuff. I also would prefer to see Death Moves unlocked at 5th or maybe 10th level, because they really are big.

  4. But, players dying is a big deal. It seems like the least you could do is give them an awesome send off, regardless of their level. “Sorry Dave, only level 4. But, a few people came to your wake, so there was that. Bill, the goblin from accounting, and Sarah, that maid you met a few villages ago. She was proper sad.”

  5. Of our five players we have a Battlemaster, a Shaman, and a Necromancer. We’ve really enjoyed the new playbooks, it was certainly worth my reasonable investment.

  6. The shaman has totems that are really weak (lightning one, even with the boosting move) or some that don’t even make sense in the fiction (stalking tiger).

    The Battlemaster encourages people to roll more misses and then magically turns those into bonuses. It creates weird player behaviour I think.

    The slayer, I can’t figure it out. I am not sure how this class is cool or fun to play and I am not even sure how I should built an effective level 1 slayer.

    The skirmishes is heavily on e mechanical side but I don’t remember much about that one.

  7. Inverse world has a couple characters that are mechanically heavy. Maybe it’s just me, but heavy mechanics in DW just make my eyes glaze over and move on to another playbook. the collector and survivor, though, so far, are great books. Very fiction based.

  8. The Survivor for me has a problem in so far as “person that survives a big catastrophe” is not a class, it is a back story. Why couldn’t a Collector, Necromancer, Fighter or Barbarian or Wizard be a Survivor?

  9. You could argue that being a wizard or a barbarian is a backstory, as that’s what they chose to do when they were growing up.

    The survivor’s schtick is obviously his ability to endure more than others, and I though that was a great premise. What other class allows you to endure as an offensive strategy?

    Besides, of course, my next playbook. 😉

  10. I know that everyone loves Death Moves, but I do not. I found that the Death Moves are very unfun for the other players. The channelers / Necromancer / maybe others death moves basically nukes the entire area, so if you are fighting the big bad of doom and the Channeler dies the party instantly wins.

    Tension = 0, the second one player dies the party wins. 

  11. Backgrounds are cool. With Grim World, a big part of it is that a lot of the character options have been split out. You can now play any race with any class. There are some new classes, but you can also play with the old ones. There are backgrounds, which give you additional moves. There are notes on new monsters/locations, but Grim World isn’t really a setting, so much as a “tone” for a campaign.

    Personally, I like the book and would love to play an ongoing campaign using its options. I think it will support ongoing play well.

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