My friends and I had our first Dungeon World session.

My friends and I had our first Dungeon World session.

My friends and I had our first Dungeon World session.

If I were to sum it up in a couple of words, it’d be “Hijinks Ensued.”

We played a number of playbooks, Dragon Mage, Winter Mage, to Grim Worlds Channeller and Necromancer and a Druid.

The party was tasked to take a boat to a nearby island where Mermaids were attacking the mainland from. A fairly simple excursion they nevertheless managed to screw up in the first few seconds by getting into a fight with one another and accidentally burning up a bystander. They quickly rushed onto the boat to make for their mission in hopes nobody noticed, and the necromancer took the body.

They set off, managing a long journey on their rations but about halfway were attacked by a group of Mermaids, followed shortly by a Water Drake.

Long story short, one mermaid was literally disarmed, the sail was frozen up by our Winter Mage. The boat was set on fire numerous times and put out shortly after and our Druid turned into a bird only to become encased in ice and floated into the ocean until rescue could come, the Winter Mage not wanting to use all of his Chill to thaw him out and Him not wanting to let the Dragon Mage or Chaneller use Fire to get him out.

Remember that random bystander from earlier they hoped nobody noticed they killed? Well his son noticed, and was drafted onto the same ship. The Necromancer used the son’s own father as a human shield, driving the son to attempt to kill the party, to little avail.

The Necromancer’s pots now contain the father, his son, and one mermaid.

Arriving at the island, they learned the Mermaids were born out of giant Frogspawn-like eggs from a giant Hydra, under the control of a large Naga. The Hydra swam to divert the ship, but they pushed forward, distracting the Hydra with the necromancer’s Mermaid. They jumped from the ship and fought the Naga and the Hydra.

To cut a long story short, the island ended up on fire.

Their boat has a big gaping hole.

And the fire elemental the Channeller has summoned has become hostile.

Oh I can’t wait till next time.

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